Black & Decker Jump Starter

The Black And Decker Electromate 400 Jump starter has a built in Air Compressor and many charging outlets. This jump starter can start almost any gasoline car and is on sale right now.

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It is a small bright orange colored unit, that comes with everything you could possible need to power your small electronics. It is short and very stable so it wont be rolling around your trunk, and the bright orange color allows you to find it very quickly.

With this Jump starter you wont have to worry about coming out to your car to find a dead battery after leaving you lights on, whether it is in the morning before work or at the super market. During cold winters many batteries have a hard time staying charged enough to start your car in the morning. With this Black and Decker jump starter you wont have to try and find someone to jump your car.

Prevent Being Late to Work

Having to rely on someone to help you start your car, can make you late for work and be a nuisance to them. Especially if you work very early and no one is awake when you have to leave or you live in a very rural area where there are not many people around.

It also doubles as a portable charger for your other electronic devices on the go. It can charge laptops and operate small appliances with it build in inverter. It has 12 volt plugs, so you can plug in things that you would plug into your cars cigarette lighter.

Black and Decker Jump StarterBlack and decker 400 bikeblack and decker

Great For The Boat

These features are great for camping trips or to take with you on the boat.Many boats don’t have the capability to plug things in, now charging your phone or Ipod wont be a problem. And if you drain the boats battery from playing the radio too
The powerful air compressor is great for pumping up car and bicycle tires, but even works great for the inflatables when out on the boat. If you go camping often you will be able to take advantage of the super bright built in work light.long the jump starter will have you chugging along with out the expensive call to Sea-Tow.

Powers Small Electronics

The light is powerful enough to light up you way while walking in the woods, or if you need light while changing a car tire at night. It is able to power fans, lights, and even small tv’s.

After testing it, the battery was able to last almost 3 hours playing a movie on a 13″ tv and it can keep a floor lamp on for about 8 hours. Not too bad for a small jump starting unit that could be used during a power outage.

The jump starter is rechargeable with the power adapter that is included.  It also comes with a 2-year warranty which is great since many portable jump starters only come with a 90 day – 1 year warranty.

Black and Decker Jump Starter

This unit of course is not designed to power your house during a power outage or even run a coffee pot, but it is a great jump starter that in a pinch could be used to power and charge many of your small electronics. If you are looking for a high quality jump starter, the Black and Decker Jump Starter is a quality product that you can get at a great price.

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